About Me

Mi Familia (Mike, Cason, and Me) – Yup cute family… I know!

Hi! I’m Krista: mother by day, foodie by night (or after my son goes down for his bedtime).  I am in my late 20’s and have been transplanted from Wisconsin, my home state, to Texas which is really starting to grow on me. (and yes, everything is BIGGER in Texas) I’m a bit of a control and planning freak, but it’s only so that things are done right. I love watching sports with my hubbie, sitting outside and enjoying nature (and in Texas that means November -December), drinking Vanilla Lattes, and indulge in the occasional gossip magazine.

I love living in community with other people and believe that a great place to do that is around the dinner table. I love Jesus Christ as Lord and desire to honor Him with all I do.

Joyful Healthy Eats is a blog about my joy for cooking and making healthy food for my family.  From appetizers, to entree’s, to desserts (yes, they can be “healthy” too), to babyfood, I will share my recipes with you. I hope that my joy for making healthy food becomes your joy as well. Let’s dive in!